curious minds w/
passionate hearts

We’re a group of professionals

curious minds w/
passionate hearts

Let’s make the world a better place, one community, one development at a time.

Be it social justice, environmentalism or elevated design, the sum of our separate motivations adds up to a collective soulfulness that is the heart of how the Vecino Group develops housing.



Vast array of talent. One figurative roof.

Vecino is a discipline-rich collective who welcome the challenges and overcome the obstacles that come with doing purpose-driven development. We get it done.

As a vertically-integrated company, our teams can more efficiently collaborate and execute—which means a stronger project from its first dollar to its last nail. This is especially important when creating lasting, socially-impactful work. The way we see it, the greater good should be a perfect fit for each community—and our team is built to deliver exactly that.

Intrada Atlanta - Vecino


Regardless of the project—affordable housing, supportive housing, or Public Private Partnerships—the Vecino Group development process is rooted in the desire to maximize social impact and respond to broader community needs. We have a proven track record of completing difficult projects on schedule and on budget under exacting compliance-driven conditions. From conception to closing, idea to occupancy, development is what we do.


Not every development company has a Creative team. We do. Marketing, as we define it, is ensuring that the Gut Check of each project—both tangibly and intangibly—comes through loud and clear. Concept development, naming, signage, interiors, collateral—it’s all connected; rooted in the greater good.



A collaborative team of designers, Vecino Design delivers an all-encompassing project approach. On one hand, this improves planning, increases value, reduces waste and maximizes efficiency. It also creates aesthetically inviting, soulful environs that anyone would love to call home. Function + beauty= Vecino Design


Ideas and designs are only as strong as the team that brings them to life. Through our leadership, we provide the overall control and contract management for all construction activities. With over $232 Million in total construction within our portfolio, Vecino Construction has the experience to bring projects to successful completion.

Asset Management

Creating the housing is only the first step in the process. Our asset management division is responsible for lease up, compliance, occupancy, and ensuring that housing is home for every single resident.


If one puts effort into something, it provides back in-kind. Done well, it yields even greater. Some might call that investment, but at Vecino it’s the partnership that makes our work—well, work.

Vecino Capital is our platform that allows for foundations, funds or individuals a variety of ways to be part of socially impactful development while seeing a positive return on an investment.

They have been a constant and reliable ally for the IURA, the City of Ithaca and its communities.

Nels Bohn
Director, Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency
Ithaca, NY
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