catalysts of positive change

A sample of our developments

catalysts of positive change

Get the right people at the table. Ask the right questions. Then listen.

Each Vecino Group development starts at the need. Once it is understood, we then collaborate to apply the thought, attention and effort required to exceed all expectations of our community partners. This is true-blue teamwork—a collective of thought, compassion and inspiration.


A better world, one development at a time.


A home for the brave.
See freedom Springs


Brick. Mortar. Heart. Soul.
See Block 22


A home for the body and soul.
See Bodhi Salt Lake


Communities as beautiful and unique as the residents who call them home.

Affordable housing should spark just as much joy as any market rate home. To help deliver on this, Vecino utilizes a family of brands—each one inspired by the specific community it’s designed to serve. And rest assured, these aren’t cookie-cutter projects—not at all. Though the name and philosophy are consistent, no two are alike. Each development is borne of the neighborhood where it will live—its history, culture and people. Because this is where the heart is.

Select a brand to visit its communities

Transition-age youth

Survivors of domestic violence


Families Suffering from
or At-Risk of Homelessness

Persons with severe &
persistent mental illness

Seniors Experiencing or
At-Risk of Homelessness

Persons with physical /
developmental challenges

Emerging artist-focused


HIV or AIDS diagnosis /

Individuals who experience
chronic homelessness


See all the good


Intrada St. Louis

Intrada El Reno

Intrada Saratoga Springs

Intrada Westside

Freedom Place

Freedom Springs COS

Talia Springfield

Bodhi Salt Lake City

Bodhi Kansas City

Cairn Point Cedar City

Ithaca Arthaus

Asteri Ithaca

Asteri Utica


Libertad Glendale

Libertad Des Moines

Libertad Elmira

Libertad Austin

Libertad Cedar City

Libertad Grandview

Hudson Arthaus

Alhaven KC

Bodhi KC

Intrada Westside


The Quarry

Eileen’s Place

Frisco Lofts

444 River Lofts

Alumnus Gardens


Aya Tower


Hawkinsville GA

Cordele, GA

Camilla, GA

Public Private Partnership

Brick City

Block 22

Idea Commons – JVIC

Park East

Muse Bowling Green

Muse Omaha

If our work makes you think “Wow. These folks get it”.
That means you do, too.