This isn’t our mission.
It’s our gut check.

The Vecino group is a group of believers.


We believe in development for the greater good.


That means every project we do must pass the gut check.


The gut check isn’t a checklist, of course.


It’s the acknowledgement that every development we do moves us one step closer to living our beliefs.


If a development isn’t moving us forward, we should be stepping back.


Because when your end goal is bettering the world, you can’t take a lot of side trips along the way.


We’re a group of people who genuinely care.


We’re big enough to be capable and small enough to be fearless. We work hard now, believing that 40 years from now, our work will still stand strong.


How can you tell it’s a Vecino Group project?


If it addresses a broader issue, impacts an entire community, sets an example, gives back, and inspires everyone working on it with a greater sense of purpose.


That’s what it takes to pass the gut check.


That’s development for the greater good.


That’s what we believe in.

Want to see projects that have what it takes?