Partners and residents gather to celebrate new Cairn Point development.

A snip of ribbon made it official: Cairn Point is open and welcomes residents to their new homes. On May 3rd development partners as well as residents got together in Cedar City to celebrate the new, senior-focused affordable housing community.

Developed by national affordable and supportive housing developer Vecino Group, Cairn Point is designed to not only meet the needs of seniors by providing affordable housing options, but also by offering permanent supportive units as well as on-site supportive services and case management.

On-hand for the event were representatives of the Vecino Group as well as partners Rocky Mountain Community Reinvestment Corporation, services provider Iron County Care & Share, property management partner LB Hunt as well as representatives of both the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce and City Council.

“The Vecino Group works in collaboration all across the country to provide affordable housing—and we’re able to end homelessness for around 750 households a year,” said Vecino Group Director of Supportive Housing, Heather Bradley Geary. “Here at Cairn Point we’ve been able to end homelessness for 18 people through the teamwork of LB Hunt and Iron County Care & Share who are committed to delivering impactful solutions for the community each and every day.”

Named for a path’s stone marker that signifies a place of importance, Cairn Point provides 60 one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as amenities that include an on-site fitness center, community room, and outdoor seating and walking areas. Iron County Care & Share will provide a range of on-site services, including case management, classes, as well as assistance with accessing community resources.

“On day 1 at Cairn Point, we were able to house 18 homeless seniors—some of whom were in our shelter waiting for almost a year for an opportunity,” said James Jetton, Executive Director of Iron County Care & Share. “For our team, that’s the focus: empowering residents to live independently their life as fully as they can. Seeing former clients here at Cairn Point—the community they’ve created and supporting each other as neighbors—is why we do what we do.”

The development was designed with sustainability in mind and features energy-efficient appliances, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and other green building practices. Cairn Point is also located in close proximity to downtown Cedar City, making it an ideal location for seniors looking for a community-centered lifestyle.

Cairn Point was made possible through numerous public/private partnerships, including Utah Housing, Rocky Mountain Community Reinvestment Corporation, Alliant Capital, Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund, and M1 Bank.

Addressing the crowd, Natasha Pfeiffer of non-profit Rocky Mountain CRC said “These projects are incredibly difficult to get done. The developers work very hard through many factors, financing, government agencies—let alone through COVID—so it really is a big deal that this is done.”

“Three years later, I am so happy to be here with you all at the finish line and see this project. This is tastefully done, truly beautiful and—more importantly—targets extremely low-income households. It serves a great need in the community.”

After the ribbon-cutting, Cairn Point residents gathered in the community area of the building with some of the development partners for a celebratory lunch to socialize and to receive housewarming gift baskets.

“We work to ensure our residents are able to have the homes they deserve,” said Jordan Gibson, Mission Ambassador for the Vecino Group. “Vecino’s mission is to make the world better, one development at a time. It’s really an honor to be surrounded by such joy here at Cairn Point—and to celebrate this wonderful neighborhood.”