AHF adds Vecino Group to its Top 50 Developers in the US list.

Affordable Housing Finance (AHF) Magazine recently announced its annual listing of the Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers in the United States.


This year, the Vecino Group made its debut at number 39 on the Top 50 of 2023.


The AHF list ranks companies based on how many new affordable housing units they started construction on during the previous year. Nonprofit and for-profit, national and regional, all together in 2023 the Top 50 firms started more than 41,000 affordable housing units across 364 developments.


Not including their other work that is currently in development or under construction across eight states, the Vecino Group’s place on the AHF Top 50 was the direct result of 422 affordable homes on which they started construction spanning three unique developments: Libertad Austin and Cairn Point Cameron, both in Austin, Texas; and Impact Utica in Utica, New York.


The Vecino Group develops housing through its unique approach of “Development for the Greater Good”. This means that each project the company undertakes must address a broader need, set an example, give back to the community, and inspire the professionals working on it with a sense of higher purpose.


“We started out as just three people with the hope to close a single, Missouri LIHTC development,” said Matthew Miller, Vecino Group CEO. “Now, 13 years later—and after delivering more than 4000 homes across the country—to be one of the AHF Top 50 is very special achievement for us. And one we proudly share with each of our 120 team members, our partners and communities.”


Vecino Group Chairman Rick Manzardo agrees, adding that the impact of Vecino’s work is as important as the volume of units. “Our ‘why’ drives every development, whether it’s a converted historic building in Potsdam, NY or a Senior-focused community in Utah. In fact, this year we just opened the first-ever fully permanent supportive housing development for Austin, TX serving the chronically homeless.”


“Our team takes pride in moving affordable housing and it’s positive impact forward, and we’re thankful to AHF for recognizing our team’s effort toward this.”

This year offered an additional surprise for Vecino: the MOWHA 2024 Innovation in Affordable Housing Award.

“You’re going to hear a lot about our Innovation honoree tomorrow at our affordable housing and health panel, because they are experts in that,” said MOWHA Executive Director Jeff Smith as he announced the award. “Vecino is being honored because their approach and philosophy are really unique. Their approach of different models—for instance Intrada focused on youth transitioning adulthood; Talia for survivors of domestic violence, and Freedom Springs for homeless veterans—is really meaningful.”

Smith continued, “Across all these different areas the work that Vecino is doing—not just to house people, but to address societal challenges all over the country—is having a huge impact.”

“And all in just 13 years. 63 developments across 13 states is a tremendous record of accomplishment.”

“We’re humbled by this—and quite surprised,” Vecino Group Mission Ambassador Jordan Gibson said. “We’re thankful to all the members of MOWHA and everyone for this honor. Our Vecino team shows up each day ready to deliver the greater good for communities across Missouri. But we know it takes the community at every level to make it happen—so we’re thankful for and share this with our partners and all of you here today.”

Since its start around a kitchen table more than a decade ago in Springfield, MO, the Vecino Group set a goal not just to provide affordable housing, but to make it impactful. It has pursued affordable, workforce and permanent supportive housing through an approach called “development for the greater good”. This means that every development must address a broader need, set an example, give back to the community.

Kim Buche—one of Vecino’s three founders at that kitchen table—was in attendance.

“It’s always really special here at the MOWHA conference,” said Buche. “Vecino has been an attendee for a long time, and it’s wonderful to see the event and membership continue to grow. Our success in delivering affordable homes is because we’ve been blessed with really great partners at every turn. And the members of MOWHA are most certainly on this list.”

In addition to attending, the Vecino Group was also a presenter at the conference. Heather Bradley-Geary, Director of Supportive Housing, and Jordan Gibson, Mission Ambassador, led a panel discussion focused on affordable housing, sharing how the Vecino Group emphasizes the health and well-being of residents. It was a perfect discussion to wrap another MOWHA conference focused on housing equality fellow Missourians.

“MOWHA is a great organization that helps to make impactful housing possible,” said Aaron Henry, Vecino Group Chief Financial Officer. “They’ve been a great ally since Vecino’s beginning and our goal to deliver homes and services for Missourians. We’re truly thankful for their team.”