Vecino Group launches Community ACTION Plan.

Community ACTION Plan – While at a previous company, Mike Willemsen helped facilitate construction hiring for Section 3 compliance (Section 3 is the HUD program to secure employment opportunities for low- and very-low income persons, particularly those recipients of government housing). While he saw individual successes—Mike felt it could done better, to a greater benefit for all.

Once he landed at a Vecino, he knew it could. After a bit of brainstorming with Heather Bradley-Geary and Joselyn Pfliegier in early/mid 2020—voilá—the ACTION Squad was born. Through Vecino Construction, ACTION (Advancing Construction Trades In Our Neighborhoods) is a program that establishes opportunities for residents within our communities and their surrounding area.  Through our relationships with supportive service partners and other community connections, we are able to offer individuals entry level positions—which they may otherwise not have access to—as well as functional support as they get started.  ACTION provides them not just with a job, but the possibility of advancement—even a career.

We’re rolling it out in the Kansas City market, specifically at  Eileen’s Place, for its first application. There is huge potential here—very much like our voter registration drive over the Summer—and is another example of the greater good that our developments touch upon. Kudos to Mike, Heather and Joselyn for sketching out the blueprint for ACTION!